Birthday Songs

by Julian Saporiti

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released July 28, 2014



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Julian Saporiti Providence, Rhode Island



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Track Name: Julian, Ben, Dan & a little Laura - Miss Meera (2010)
Oh Miss Meera
We will always hold you dear - a
Oh have no fear - a
We will always love Miss Meera!

You take a plane (hey)
And go over the ocean
But no matter how far you go
You carry our devotion
Oh (hey)
When you come back home
Your buddies will be waiting
Meera, just pick up the phone

(Meera, this is Danny speaking)
You live in G (hey)
Well, not G "hey" but G ho
And we never visit there
Why do we leave you all alone?
Remember when
You, me and Ben walked through the snow
That was such a lovely day
As far as lovely days go


You're the girl
In the Greenwich Hotel
Far away from Pitt Street Bridge
And Carolina sea shells
Oh (hey)
Remember Bonnaroo
(When Ben ate 12 corn dogs)
And saw Stevie Wonder too

So, go to France (hey)
Queen of Dragoon
We promise to write letters
Even in a typhoon
Oh (hey)
But please come back soon
Danny will get restless
And who knows what he might do

Track Name: Rebecca (2012)
Rebecca, that’s my girl
Anytime you need her, she’ll help you right out
Rebecca, that’s my girl
Makes the weight of life as light as clouds

Oh, we sing, we dance with each other
With your sister, we can carry a tune
Day or night, we’re like toast and butter
Promenade under the light of the moon

On the corner of Battery and Lealand
In an apartment above Mrs. Williams’ garage
Arts and crafts, you do it with such feeling
Maybe a drawing, maybe decoupage

Oh Rebecca, you’re really something
Stars and rainbows and all of that
Ride some horses, catch some lightening
All your friends know where it’s at


Clean and pure as glacier water
But you lindy like a vixen on a Monday night
You never stray, you’re a theologian’s daughter
You’re entire life, you’ve only had one fight

Do not worry, you are forgiven
For the time you called your roommate a brat
Your worst offense since you’ve been livin’
If you were a saint, I could believe in that


Rebecca, I’m your friend
When work really sucks and you get bummed out
Look around and listen closely
Everybody loves you, child, have no doubts