Car Commercial Symphony (Draft​)​: Living Room Demonstration (2012)

by Sylvan Park Music Club

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I met Michael Krewson through a mutual friend - Jess Middleton I think - in the fall of 2011. He helped me arrange my 2011 Christmas song in December and I told him about my idea for a music club that would meet weekly and be made of non-professional musicians. I kept meeting folks who had played an instrument in high school or even studied in college but who had cut back, or sometimes stopped completely because of grownup commitments. At the time, Michael and I were both teaching music lessons. I hadn't toured or made commercial records for over a year.

The Sylvan Park Music Club was formed and Michael and I began recruiting members. Soon, we had a small chamber ensemble comprised of violins, cello, bass, french horn, piano, guitar, mandolin, ukelele, glockenspiel, accordion and a small choir. Michael and I would usually get together over the weekend orchestrate songs I had written and then write parts for the group to play through on Monday evenings. Sometime around February, I brought in an instrumental piece that would become the first movement of the symphony.

Over the last decade, I noticed that car commercials utilized some really great music. A Saturn Ion commercial introduced me to one of my favorite bands The Walkmen and their wonderful piano figure from "We've Been Had." I first got hipped to Nick Drake from a Volkswagen Cabrio commercial I saw in high school. I wanted to compose a piece that would fit nicely into one of these 30 second spots. Now, I believe there are many motifs in the symphony that could serve this purpose. Besides writing FOR some unmade car commercial, I also used the romanticism of a certain strain of car commercial for inspiration - bucolic settings, open roads, smiling young faces, blues and greens, yellow lines, sunshine, black tires, curves, safe adventure. A week after I brought in the first movement and Michael and I arranged and orchestrated it and got to hear it performed by the music club, I wrote another piece to go along with it. From here, the idea of a symphony took shape.

Krewson had a melody with no lyrics which we made into the third movement. It's very beautiful and I gave him my accordion to take the melody while he loaned me his ukelele to carry the rhythm. I added a few words to the last chorus, which opened the door for lyrics in the fourth movement. The last movement was also much more song like, at least the beginning of it, which I gave the working title of "The Continental". I wrote the melody on piano and brought it into Michael to help me flesh out. This was sometime in the spring. In rehearsal, the music club contributed a few of the lyrics and helped to shape it more than the others. After "the Continental" the fourth movement is a recapitulation of all of the previous music.

The symphony still requires editing. Many lines will be ultimately be played by instruments that were unavailable to us in music club. The final score will have significant changes from what has been recorded here.

Michael recorded most of it part by part in his living room after I had left for Wyoming in the fall. It is far from a professional recording but that was never the intent of music club. It was a weekly meeting for amateur and semi-professional musicians, all trained to some degree, to come together and play original music. The goal was to have fun and make nice music. Personally, I feel those goals were more than met. This record is a document of that.

Michael and I hope to have it performed by high school or college ensembles, or other self starting amateur music clubs. Hopefully, it scores many nice drives.


released December 24, 2012

Music by Julian Saporiti and Michael Krewson
Lyrics by Julian Saporiti

Sylvan Part Music Club:
Isabel Bauerline: French Horn
Annie Castro: Cello
Haley Dreis: Violin
Daniel Heacock: Violin
Michael Krewson: Piano/Accordion
John Paul: Bass
Darcie Sperber: Glockenspiel
Julian Saporiti: Guitar/Mandolin/Ukelele

Megan Godbey
Marianna Jewell
Will Jewell
Rebecca Morris
Natalie Paul
Adrien Saporiti

Recorded and Mixed by Michael Krewson



all rights reserved


Julian Saporiti Providence, Rhode Island



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Track Name: Movement #3
The season has arrived
The best years of our lives
And all we have to do is drive
Track Name: Movement #4
Drive, drive / Drive, drive / Drive, drive
Fast, slow / Stop, go / Green light
Weekend / Honk, honk / Let’s go
Drive your car home right back to me

Drive, drive / Drive, drive / Drive, drive
Windows / Rolled Down / Woof, woof
Dirt road / Night drive / Moonlight
Drive your car home right back to me

Drive, drive / Drive, drive / Drive, drive
Beep, beep / Vroom, vroom / Zoom, zoom
Full tank / Fast lane / Cool shades
Drive your car home right back to me

Let’s go driving, Let’s go driving, Let’s go drive
The season has arrived
The best years of our lives
And all we have to do is drive

The place you sing, the place you cry
Your first love sitting passenger side
The victories of Friday nights
Shifting gears, racing wheels, speeding right through the lights
On highways to the great unknown
Amber fields, western winds, crossing mountains of snow
The promise of the open road