WPR Session (2013)

by Julian Saporiti

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Morning session on WPR.


released October 9, 2013

Julian Saporiti: Vocals, Guitar
Tamara Deichert: Flute
Angel Adams: Piccolo
Heidi Hanekamp: Violin 1
Kathleen Oolman: Violin 2
Nyoka Erikson: Viola
Stephanie Flores: Cello

Paul Montoya: Host

Recorded and Mixed by Ben Slater

Written/Arranged by Julian Saporiti, "Do You Love Me Today?" originally arranged with Michael Krewson for the Sylvan Park Music Club



all rights reserved


Julian Saporiti Providence, Rhode Island




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Track Name: Do You Love Me Today?
You are winter city's only toast
The lone light that hasn't burned out on the east coast
But darlin dear, you are flickerin'
Do you love me today?

Impossible as the fallen snow
Pristine and pure from the view of my window
Advance with care on frozen soil
Do you love me today?

Oh, the only difference is
Between you and I
Expression of sentiment
Yours gets lost when you see mine arrive

Hot and cold, it's either wide-eyed cheer
Or sharp hours of hard-talk, axe-blade tears
Perhaps it's all just beyond our years?
Do you love me today?

On the train, sitting mad and wet
I see a diamond, you see an ungrateful pet
Each dusk brings more than one sunset
Do you love me today?


In the old harbor, we meet at dawn
Your sails black and your soft, brown hair is hanging long
A goodbye kiss with canons drawn
Do you love me today?
Why can't we both just sail away?
Track Name: L'Oiseau
Je regarde l’oiseau
Perché dans mon arbre
Il n’a pas de soucis
Pas de nom, pas de nombre

J’ecoute l’oiseau
Sifflant à sa bien-aimée
Son but est vrai
En amour, il ne ment jamais

Son vie est de voler
De voler, de voler seulement
Quoi encore doit-il faire?
(Oo-oo) Rien

Je regarde l’oiseau
Vêtu de plumes jolie
Il n’a pas de factures
Pas d’assurance, pas d’impôts aussi

Je regarde l’oiseau
Perché dans mon arbre
Il n’a pas de soucis
Pas de nom, pas de nombre

(Oo-oo Rien...)